Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Another Doctor Who rant

I watched The Angels Take Manhattan again this morning and it made even less sense the second time.

So many stupid questions abound. Why can't the Doctor just travel around and scoop Amy and Rory back up? Clearly River finds out where they are located. Why does River's story essentially end here? There is no reason for it to do so that's explained. Then there's the day to day details, which Is where Moffat's stories always fall down. Who the heck feeds the people that live their lives out in rooms at the Quay? Are there little Angel cooks who prepare yummy treats, shop at grocery stores, and then serve them up to their guests? Who buys the toilet paper?

The best I can say about this episode is that at least the last two minutes are a satisfying end to Amy's story (if you ignore the 43 minutes that came before) and at least the second half of the season was much, much better. Maybe Moffat just needed a clean slate.
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