Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Tedwords Picture Parade: Helping hands

For those wondering how Ashes has been doing, I'm happy to say, she's feeling much better now. Her and Corb have mended fences, it seems, and she even added him back again as a friend on Facebook. Now that's saying something.

Oh, look. Here she is this past Saturday at Conobie Lake on the flume ride. Yes, she's the second one on the ride, clearing frightened and hanging on for dear life to the flotation devices placed in front of...wait, is she REALLY groping the person in front of her? Oddly enough, she didn't even KNOW that poor girl before this photo was taken!

Just kidding, that's her best friend, Clearly, they are very close.

And clearly, Ashes also has inherited my sense of humor, too. I'm not sure whether to be shocked or proud.

I'll let you decide, but the fact that this lovely photo is appearing in my little Picture Parade might just be a hint. I inherited my love of the bawdy from my beloved Nana Mitchell, God rest her soul, and I'd like to think she's chuckling to herself right now up in heaven above, right after cursing me out for sharing this photo for all the world to see. Have a great day!
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