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Brian Wilson wrote this after the death of his brother...I always found this song to be haunting, and the lyrics possess a great deal resonance to how I've lived my life...but no longer. I'm freeing myself from the shackles I've constructed in my head...

So many years spent running away
How many times I wished I could stay
Too many emotions a hole in my heart
Feeling alone since we've been apart
And if I had the chance
I'd never let you go
Just want you to know

Lay down lay me down
Lay me down
Lay down burden

How many things I wanted to do
How many years spent thinking this through
So many nights spent here by the phone
Wondering if you felt just as alone
And while some things have all been
Crazy from the start
It's tearing me apart

Lay down lay me down
Lay me down
Lay down burden

Just remember the way I held you
You're always in my heart

Brian Wilson
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