Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Tedword's Picture Parade: Annie's Turn


Today's photo is of my oldest...and still my baby, Annie, who turned 27 today. I know, can you believe  a dazzling urbanite like me has a child that old?

Honestly, it seems hard to believe she's 27. I swear that only yesterday, she was walking around, looking like Punky Brewster. But she's still the same sweet gentle soul that she was two decades ago...only now, she has a child of her own. Annie, as many of you know, is actually my adopted daughter, as Josie had her as a teen mom, and I started dating Josie when Annie was about a year old. And yet, for all that, she's as much my child as any of the others. She even drives like me!

Now she has a grandchild..which makes this dazzling urbanite even that much older. I just posted this photo on Facebook and Annie said thank you, and I told her I was getting all choked up. She called me sappy and I couldn't disagree...but I did point out, it's a wonderful mixture of sap and pure vodka!
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