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Tedwords Picture Parade: Papa's Place


Today's photo is not the best in Corb's photo collection, and it wasn't the one that Corb wanted me to post today (I will use that one another day), but I chose this one because it fixes a proper time and location for one of my favorite stories about Corb's grandmother: the night she was hit on by Ernest Hemingway.

As a result of Corb's work scanning photos and posting them to Facebook, he was approached by a distant family member who indicated that he had a lot of photos scanned of various members of Corb's family, and would he want to take a look at them? Of course, Corb said yes, and this was one of my favorite's. Corb's grandfather is on the left.

The resason this rang a bell with me is that Corb's grandmother has always indicated that they were on a base in Key West when the meeting with Hemingway occurred. To the best of my recollection, she had a bit of a fight with her husband that day, and had gone off to a bar to cool off and get away. While sitting at the bar, the waiter had placed a drink by her table, and told her that it was compliments of the man across the room. She looked up and glanced around the room, and had no idea who the man was. Politely, she said, "Please tell him thanks, but no thanks. I'm a married woman and I'm not interested."

Shortly after, the man left and people came up to her and said, "Do you know who that was?" It was only then she learned that he was Ernest Hemingway, and the look on her face when she tells the story is priceless.
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