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Corb called me up a few hours ago, furious.

"He totally saw me!" he said, screaming. "I can't believe he did that to me."

"Wait, wait," I interrupted. "What are you talking about?"

"Theo! You did ask me to pick him up after his work ends, right?" So silly. He knows the answer to that question. "So, I pull in to pick him up and he's washing the floor, and he looks up and stares at me in the car. And he keeps me waiting another fifteen minutes, then leaves work, looks at me in the car, walks right past me without saying a word, and gets into a white truck, next to me. they drive off. Two minutes later I get a text message from him: Going to MacKenzie's house."

As it turns out, Theo let Josie know that he was going to his girlfriend's house, and neither one bothered to let me or Corb know, as we would be driving Ashes home to college tonight. A misunderstanding, I'm sure, but Corb's big issue is

"He saw me! He saw me and just didn't feel like acknowledging me. What did I do to him to deserve being treated like that? Why couldn't he just stop at the car and let me know what was going on? What was he going to think MacKenzie's dad was going to say if he saw him talking to me? And of course, you know Theo, there's no way he's going to apologize and really mean it."

Corb was angry, and to tell the truth, I'm angry, too. Yes, I did text Theo to get to the bottom of it, and he says he didn't see Corb, which is clearly a lie, because he texted Corb shortly after he left. He did apologize, but his apology as expected was half-ass and only because he was afraid of getting in trouble.

Josie says it's because I waited so long to tell them about our relationship, and naturally, there's going to be a period of rebellion with a teen-age boy. And she's right, I suppose. I mean, I admit that now, although I was irritated with her when she pointed it out.

It's the same with Ashes, in some way. Despite her being in the Gay Straight Alliance at college and being such a big supporter of gay rights, I get this, last time she came home:

"Dad, you can sleep in my room, it's okay. I want to sleep on the couch."

And I went along, that's the stupid thing. However, I didn't on Wednesday night this week, figuring I'd give her one pass, but that was it. However, on Friday, when her friend Jo-Ellen slept over after Rocky Horror, when I pointed out we had a fold out couch and she might want to sleep there instead of in her smaller bedroom, she said, "Oh no, you can sleep on the couch. We've got the bedroom arrangements all figured out."

I looked at her and Jo-Ellen, confused. "Okay."

And then, later on, she said: "We changed our mind and decided to sleep in the living room, so you can have my bedroom."

I decided to call her bluff. "I want to watch a movie. So, I'll just take it into the big bedroom, so as not to bother you two."

"Oh, but Corb will be sleeping in there!" she said, all mock concern. "My room has a VCR, so you should watch it in there."

So, was she ashamed because of Jo-Ellen seeing me sleep in the big bedroom, or is she just playing dumb about the whole thing? I didn't confront her, with her friend there.

I know that the whole thing warrants a big conversation. This finally coming out to your kids thing completely sucks. I don't know if it will ever be adequately resolved. Yes, the chickens are completely coming home to roost.

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