Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Random thoughts from the sickbed

Queens 2012

I worked all today today, but I've been feeling like crap since last night. Every muscle in my bones ache, my nose is all stuffed, and I'm hacking away. So, sick and tired, I'm taking it easy tonight, and probably a little grouchy. But I felt an uncontrollable need to write down a few random thoughts. So, here goes.

--More fun. After I'm feeling better, I want to do more fun things. It doesn't have to be really expensive things, but now that my raise has gone through and Corb has received a promotion at work (oh, I didn't mention that? Surprise!), I think we can actually do things like go see plays and attend festivals and...well, just get out there. And tell stories about it, too.

--iPad and LiveJournal doesn't mix...yet. I have to confess, I just don't like typing in blog entries in my iPad. I think I may spring to buy a keyboard that connects to it, and maybe that will help, but right now, it's just a tedious process. As a result, I think it's stifling my creativity on that front. On the plus side, I'm still plugging away on The Grande Diva, and my dear friend fixnwrtr has suggested an option for posting chapters from it that sound intriguing. More on that later.

--Sandy the hard way. Work this week has been insane, because part what I do is to help with communications outreach related to natural disasters in the country. In other words, this week has all been about Hurricane Sandy, and the photos from New York and New Jersey that I've seen are incredible. I've posted one with this journal entry from Breezy Point that I received today. I just really feel for these folks, and with the weather turning so cold, it's the worst possible time for it strike. I agree with Mayor Bloomberg, anyone who can't see this as further proof of the devastating effects of climate change needs to get their head examined (well, he didn't say THAT, exactly...)

--Another New York loss. Speaking of New York, my work buddy David will be working in New York permanently as of next week. I will miss him. I guess this is part of the year of change that I keep talking about, but it's still hard to see him leave, even if I will be seeing him a lot in New York, since I'm going there so much more.

--No doubt in my mind...Obama all the way. Finally, I have to admit, while I was really worried about the presidential elections for quite some time, I stopped worrying this week. There's little doubt in my mind right now that Obama is going to win. Between his response to Sandy, his photo op with Chris Christie, and today's job numbers, not to mention some increasingly silly Romney missteps, it just seems to me to be almost inevitable at this point. That's my prediction, anyway, but what surprises me is how such an awful candidate (and let's face it, Mitt Romney is an AWFUL candidate) could get so close to winning it all. That's something that will need to be discussed after the election is over.
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