Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Who is the Abortion Guy in your neighborhood?

I drove by, shook my head. "Every time I pass by that guy, I just want to take a photo."

"I know! That giant aborted fetus...that abortion van..."

abortion guy"Abortion man, abortion man, does whatever an abortion man can..."

"Is 'the Killing Place' the van itself of the Planned Parenthood place it's parked outside of?"

"Creepy, Corb."

The abortion man had been maintaining a lonely vigil outside the Planned Parenthood facility in Eldredge for months now, hanging out, day in and day out with his giant aborted fetus sign. To me, it was just so grotesque and large and offensive. So tacky. I wondered whether anyone acknowledged him at the Planned Parenthood facility. Did he get lonely? Did he talk to his giant aborted fetus sign when he needed companionship? 

Did he sleep in his Killing Place mobile at night? Where did he park it?

"That does it, pull over," Corb ordered.


"I'm taking a photo."

"'re crazy..."

"Don't be such a wimp! You've wanted a photo for months now." I pulled over the car, lowered my head in mortification. Heard the door open, then close. "Excuse me sir, can I take your photo?"

abortion mobileI opened the fingers over my eyes. The man stood in front of the sign, looked away as Corb took his photo. Offered Corb an abortion pamphlet from the pile he had resting in the baby carseat he had placed next to the sign.

As Corb snapped away, a car drove past him. A woman rolled down her window, shouted out, "Go to hell, you fag." I wasn't sure if it was directed at Corb or the Abortion Man. Maybe both.

"Thank you!" Corb called out as we drove off.

I mean, at least he's taking a stand for something he believes in, which is more than I can say. As much as I love watching the presidential debates, as much as I find political discourse fascinating, as much as I have an opinion, as much as I disagree with probably everything Abortion man stands for, what do I really do? Not much. Actually, nothing.

Sometimes I think I'm as vague and impersonal and removed as a character in a Bret Easton Ellis novel. Sometimes I feel as dead inside as the cracked egg showcased on that man's giant poster. At least Abortion guy has taken a stand about something. At least he has his aborted fetus sign to curl up to and keep him warm at night.
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