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As we head into the week-end, it occurs to me that one of the memories I wished to capture from the past weekend involved Saturday night. So, let's do that now, shall we?

Ashes returned home, for the first week-end since she went to college. Even though I speak with her every day, she seemed a little different. Her face seemed thinner. She seemed more mature.

One of the things she said was that living in Salem has given her an appreciation for Eldredge. That's nice, but also, I living in Salem has given her an appreciation for life's possibilities. And that's even nicer.

She also didn't complain much about her smaller bedroom. And, I clearly slept in our big bedroom, and not a word was said. Progress. She's getting there.

Anyway, to get some more face time with her (Josie drive her home Friday night, and they went out to dinner, so the arrival was a late one), Corb and I went to Josie's Saturday night, to watch the latest Doctor Who, but also to gather together as a family. Josie cooked dinner, and Annie was their with both her kids (Slacker Chad and Kaeden), Ashes was their with her best friend, and Theo invited this he's been fancying.

She's a cute girl. Her family raises chickens in the back yard of their upper middle class rural suburb hideaway. She showed up wearing a tutu, just for the look of it. Every so often they would out of the house and sit together behind the shed, to hold hands.

One time, they returned and we were playing a game Ashes had picked up at a yard sales in Salem, which none of her girlfriends would play with her. It was the board game for Glee, she had picked it up for a dollar. Theo walked in on Ashes and me dancing like divas.

He asked the girl out that night. Despite my diva dance, she said yes. Maybe it helped, I don't know. He did chastise me mildly, afterwards, however.

Anyway, I kind of liked our Modern Family family night. Life post-revelation is just fine. Sparkly even.

In front of Josie's house, the day of the college move. We're getting there.

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