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Wish You Were Here

One of the best things that we did this past week-end was join a gym. It's right down the street and fairly inexpensive. I was really reticent to join another health club again after my godawful experience with Bally's (all they care about is making a sale and then squeezing you like a cash cow for years after that.) However, the terms seem pretty good--no locking us in for three years under false conditions, unlike Bally's--and besides, I had promised it to Corb as a birthday present.

As we worked on the treadmill, I chose Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon as workout music, and I have to say, it was a perfect choice. I didn't want to get off the treadmill until the end of the entire album!

Interested in getting more workout material, I decided to download Wish You Were Here last night. It's good, too, but I forgot about the fact that Pink Floyd gets progressively depressing and angry with each album after Dark Side. It's as if they created this one perfect album, achieve all this success, make all this money, and then spend the rest of their career together bitching and moaning about all the success they have. Wish You Were Here is not as bad as Animals or The Wall, but even here, you can see the road that they're starting down.

What always bothered me about the album (and I forgot about until I bought it last night) is that it's all about Syd Barrett and how the record industry destroys the artistic soul. But the best example of that is that during the recording of the album, Syd Barrett came to visit the studio and nobody recognized him. He said a few incoherent things, offered his services, was invited to David Gilmour's wedding, and wandered off in the middle of it. None of the other members ever saw him again.

No one bothered to check up on him after that day? Oh yeah, busy schedules, pot to smoke, that sort of thing. It just seems ironic to me that during the process of making an album dedicated to lifting Barrett up as a Crazy Diamond, that Crazy Diamond was larged ignored when he dropped by, which might be considered a plea for help. The boys got richer. Syd just died.

So, I forgot all about this, and why the album bothers me, until last night. Now I have to figure out whether I actually want to play it at the gym!
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