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Here's why writing for the Weeping Angels on Doctor Who is so difficult.

I mean, the rule is "Don't Blink," right?

So, Rory and Amy are in New York, engaging in a tender love scene, their last before they leave the show. Towering over them: a gazillion foot high Statue of Liberty, which has been transformed into an evil Weeping Angel.

Suspension of disbelief aside, what's wrong with this picture? Everything!

First off, let's say that this is in fact NOT the real Statue of Liberty, but an imposter. I'm assuming it's not, because I think there would have been some report of the Statue of Liberty getting up and walking off Ellis Island into Manhattan proper. Even during a busy news day.

Okay, so suppose it's an imposter Liberty with an evil face. I STILL think that would get some coverage, in and of itself. Manhattan is a pretty busy city after all, and a giant evil duplicate Statue of Liberty standing next to a big old hotel might make some noise.

Okay, so let's postulate that the Weeping Angels used some kind of perception filter on Weeping Liberty to make the giant evil green old girl go unnoticed. That still brings us to the fact that the entire first rule with the Weeping Angels is that you're not supposed to blink. Ever. Don't blink. Remember? How many times has that been drilled into our heads since their introduction?

Which means that the whole love scene, where our two young lovers take their eyes off Weeping Liberty for a good three minutes, should have gone something like this:

AMY: Rory, I love you.
RORY: Amy, I love you too.
AMY: And I don't want you to jump off the top of this big building.
RORY: But I have to, to create a time paradox. Can't you see, Amy? I--
WEEPING LIBERTY: (Consuming both Rory and Amy) Crunch crunch gobble gobble gobble.

But this doesn't happen. "Come on," I hear you cry. "It's their sad romantic last scene together! You just need to suspend disbelief a bit to give them their moment, so that everyone can cry and see how true and pure their love is. It's tender and touching."

So, under this scenario, I am thinking that Weeping Liberty was ABOUT to gobble them up and send them to another time, but then saw how tender and touching this love scene was and thought to herself, "Woah. This is really tender and touching. I'd better give these two crazy kids a moment alone." And then she turned her pointy little head away and smoked a dooby to give them a little bit of alone time. Or maybe it's like something out of "Kiss the Girl" in The Little Mermaid, and she sees the two of them being so loving that she kind of smiles to herself and decides not to attack?

Ah, it's things like this that amuse me greatly.
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