Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

In which I have a vision of woods and thrones.


"That's the perfect place for you to live."

I took a moment during our walk about town to stare at the double decker mini-barn he was referencing. "You know, you may have a point there," I replied, dreamily. "I can totally see myself living in a place like that."

Even though the barn was only about the size of a small shed, it had gotten my wheels spinning. Suddenly, I was transported into a make believe Grimms fairy tale kind of a world, instead of the urban decay of the depressed city of Eldredge, of which this barn was approaching the decayiest part.

"I can see it set inside a thick woods. There's a little path that snakes through the woods, leading to the barn. I live on the top floor, and spend my days sitting on an oak throne. When people come to visit me, they stand in front of the barn and curtsey, crying out, 'Open up your doors, Sir Ted!' And then, fanfare will play, and slowly, the doors on the top floor will open up, and there I will sit on my throne, looking down upon the visitor, and I shall boom out, 'Who dares to come to visit Sir Ted in my double decker shed in the woods?'"

"And then they'll come inside and we'll have muffins and coffee on the ground floor. It actually sounds like a pretty nice life."

Corb shook his head and kept on walking. "Sometimes, Ted...I really do wonder about you..."


NEWS FLASH! If you haven't read the next installment of "Confessions of a Grande Diva," I posted it yesterday morning. In it, Dante finds out the results from his fabulous audition and spends a lot of the time walking around naked. It's available right here.
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