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Snapshots from Green Victoria


Moving day was yesterday. It went pretty smoothly. Josie had us hitting the road at six in the morning, which got us there with about an hour to spare before the kids were allowed to move in. Her thought was that it would allow Ashes to get first dibs on the best bed in the room.

She was right, it did. I'm not sure if the parents of her two roommates were happy with that, since they have to share a bunk bed, for now (after two weeks, they will get the option to move to another room.) One of her room mates is Chinese and her parents don't speak a word of English. The other room mate is Spanish and seems to have her own circle of friends.

We loaded up her room, then went to buy some more stuff. Then, we went out to lunch. Then we said our goodbyes. I tried to stay strong, but of course I started blubbering as we said our goodbyes.


The texts started about an hour after we returned home.

"I wanna go home."

"I don't like it here with a bunch of people. And both my roomates are leaving on the weekends."

"I really want to come home on weekends."

I tried the best I could to be strong. Mostly, I allowed Corb to text and he was wonderful. The stuff he wrote was really inspiring and funny and it made me love him even more. He provided sound advice, like "Don't be a creeper and sit in the room all silent. Talk to your room mates about anything except Ted Bundey" (Ted Bundey is Ashes' favorite serial killer), and  my favorite, "You are going to be fine. We both know you are determined and smart...a dangerous combo. It's your first night. Stay in and relax. Tomorrow you will meet people...people in college want to meet others. It will get easier once you start class. So, recap: relax, sleep eat breakfast, explore the city, talk to anyone who seems friendly (excluding people who drive molester vans  or look like rapists) and have fun! It's time for your freedom!"

And then he typed...because he couldn't resist himself, I'm sure..."Oh, and no matter what people say, it's NOT your fault that you have a heavy flow and a wide set vagina."

Those of you who don't know the movie Mean Girls might find that last text message to be a little strange.

It didn't seem to help much, although she wasn't completely glum. She just kept going on about how she didn't have any friends and how she didn't want to stay there on week-ends.

Sigh. This is going to take a while. But I don't think it's a good idea for her to come home on week-ends, frankly. Nor can I see why she would want to! If I were a teenage boy and I had a college dorm to myself on God, you don't want to know WHAT would go on!

Maybe it's just different for girls. Or maybe she just needs some time to wake up and smell the freedom.

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