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Lunch in Venice (Spoiler alert)

"So how did Batman have enough money to meet up with Alfred in Florence, Italy at the end of the movie?" Theo asked, on our way home.

"Well, first of all, they didn't meet up," I replied. "They just acknowledged each other. Alfred wasn't expecting him to be there, so it was a pleasant surprise."
robin dies at dawn
"How do you know that Alfred wasn't expecting to see him?" argued Corb. "Maybe he was in on it the whole time."

I shook my head. "I don't think so. He seemed pretty upset at the Wayne gravesite, don't you think?"

"That might have been an act, though."

"Nah, I don't think it was."

Corb was on a tear. "But he left Alfred the money from the Wayne Estate! That's how Batman and Catwoman could end up in Florence."

"They had other money, though," I replied, sensing this was getting heated. "They could have sold the pearl necklace of Martha Wayne. That would have given them enough money."

Corb smirked. "So what are they going to do, hand the people at the airport a pearl necklace and say, 'Take me to Florence'?"

"Don't be ridiculous! This is Batman and Catwoman we're talking about. They can easily sneak on any plane they want to. They could probably pilot the damn thing! But I was really talking about how they could live once they got out of the States, because I don't think they could have access to any of the Wayne fortune. That was made pretty clear in the movie. There wasn't much of a fortune left, but whatever Alfred had, he wasn't sharing it, because he didn't know Batman was still alive."

"Until he saw Batman in Florence," said Theo. "Then maybe he started sharing the money."

"But Catwoman had money, too," argued Corb. "She had a crummy apartment in Gotham City, but she was a cat burglar, after all. I bet she had a lot of stuff socked away in a secret bank account."

"And maybe Batman had a secret bank account, too!" said Theo. 

"That's a good point, Theo," I agreed. "Maybe Batman had a secret Swiss bank account, just like Mitt Romney. Maybe he transferred it before this all happened, the same way he installed the patch that fixed the Auto-pilot in the Batplane, without Lucius Fox knowing."

Corb nodded, which I took to mean he didn't disagree.

"Now that that's settled," I said, pulling into our apartment complex. "Can someone tell me just how Batman and Catwoman happened to be at that tiny bistro on the exact day at the exact time that Alfred happened to show up? Or had Bruce Wayne been forcing Catwoman to eat there every afternoon for months? I better she was getting awfully sick of the food..."

Another mystery, another day...


Other random "Dark Night Rises Observations" (after having seen it twice.)

-- That whole silly brouhaha that Rush Limbaugh stirred up about the character Bain being a symbol for Mitt Romney (Bain Capital) doesn't make a shred of sense (Bain has been around for decades, the film has been in production for years), but be that as it may, one can't deny that the film does have a strong antagonism toward the one percenters. Of course, the class warfare sentiment is to establish similarities to the Gotham situation and the French Revolution, but if that's the case, is the suggestion that that's a vision of where this country could end up, if we're not careful?
-- More than anything, the movie didn't remind me so much of the modern day Batman, more than one of the "Imaginary Stories" told in the 60s, especially around the time that Batman started getting really Sci Fi and was flirting with Batwoman. The whole filming of the story seemed too bright, too middle of the day, and the plot seemed to breeze through days and months in a matter of seconds. That's why I could easily accept the end of the movie (and the end of Batman), because it just didn't seem to actually be existing as part of any "real" Batman timeline.
--The second time around, I enjoyed pretending in my head that the actress playing Talia Shire was actually Sharon Osborne. It was just something about her accent, I guess. Anyway, it entertained the hell out of me. That, and pretending that young Talia was actually Sinead O'Connor (anyone born in the nineties can disregard that comment.)
--And what exactly is Chris Nolan's obsession with Christian Bale's feet? I must have seen his naked piggies at least half a dozen times during the film, and they ARE NOT attractive, let me tell you! And I like feet, too...just not his.
--Oh, and is it me, or is it just a little silly that Commissioner Gordan was surprised to discover that Bruce Wayne was Batman at the end of the movie? I mean, only EVERY SINGLE OTHER PERSON IN THE MOVIE had figured out by that point. I know, I know, he didn't care who the Batman really was, blah blah blah. I just kind of figured he actually knew, he just didn't care to have it confirmed. Then at the end of the movie, I learned he was surprised by this revelation. Surprised. REALLY? So that husky voice thing REALLY had you fooled for all those years?

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