Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

A message to Amber.

The other day, I was driving home from work, I started listening to a special CNBC about three transgendered women and their journey. About five minutes into it, it occurred to me: Pauline should be listening to this. One of Amber's biggest gripes is that her mother hasn't done enough to learn more.

Seeking any reason to text and drive, I immediately sent her a text.

She texted back: "Couldn't find it, but while I was looking around, I found another show that was just as informative. Thanks!"

Maybe it helped?


This past week-end, Amber wrote to me. Since she's had relative success with her mother, she decided to contact her aunts to let them know about her decision. Now, keep in mind, Pauline is a liberal and social worker. Her sisters are conservative and super religious.

Right off the bat, I knew this wasn't going to turn out as well, and sure enough, Amber prefaced everything by saying, "In her defense she did end with 'We will always love you.' But I think I'm going to need your skills with words though because I just don't know what to say."

So I read the email.

"I looked up the word 'support' :'to bear the weight of' 'to hold in position so as to keep from falling'. We cannot bear the weight of this life altering decision for you nor stop you from falling. We also cannot understand "comprehend the meaning of". You have never told us why you feel you need to do this. We have not seen you try to accept the way you were born. What is missing as a women that you feel you need to be a man for? You know we believe in God, so I ask you to ask Him what is best for you  His is the only opinion that is relevant--not what you want or what we think"
Honestly, it's better than I thought it would be, although still kind of presumptive. How does she know that Amber didn't ask Him what's best for hir? What kind of explanation was she really looking for regarding "why she needs to do this?" And above all, what does "accepting the way you were born" mean? Was she looking for Amber to live her life pretending to be something she's not? Take it from's a sad way to live.

Personally, I don't think she needs to respond at all. She owed them an explanation, I guess...she gave it. My only response would be, "thanks for your response."

What do you think?

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