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Mother, superior.

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The view from the table I was sitting at during Amber's graduation party. I was a little obsessed.

"We consider ourselves travelers, not tourists," sniffed the overweight boy to his mother.

I mean, this is why people suck, if you really want to know the truth. So there we are sitting at a graduation party for Amber, the spiritual child not on my loins, and it was of those affairs where you're either family or friends, and never the two shall meet. Well, except for the mother in question, who is family, but I consider her a friend. I've always found her extremely sweet, if sometimes a little garrulous,

She was simply trying to find a common bond with her faux hipster son, so the conversation turned to travel. She was planning a trip to North Wales, and wanted to talk to him about it, since she was excited and doesn't see him that often.So she made the mistake of saying:

"So, I went to this really nice AAA travel agent, and..."

"Travel agent," he sneered, clutching the arm of the faux hipster girl next to him. "I wouldn't be caught dead going to see a travel agent. I just book my trips online and then off we go."

"Oh, this man was really helpful!" said his mother, really trying to have just a regular conversation. "They have a great itinerary, so you know what you're doing every day, and..."

"Schedules," said her son, scornfully. "Who wants a schedule to go see the same things that everyone else sees? I like to make my own schedule, meet the native population. See things the way they see them." Then he added what was clearly a favorite catch phrase, one clearly designed to demonstrate his obvious superiority. "That's why we consider ourselves travelers, not tourists."

Look dude, it takes all kinds! Clearly the unplanned path turns you on, but it would be a total disaster for your mother, who I know happens to be quite cautious and hasn't traveled much. She'd be hopelessly lost and miserable in an hour! So what? The point is that she's planning a trip and just wants to tell you about it, and you don't need to be so snobby about things and try to take away from her excitement.

Why do people have to act so superior like that? Why do we sometimes (because I admit it, I've done it) feel the need to lift ourselves up at the expense of others? Does it somehow make us feel a little better about our own mundane lives? This guy dropped out of college after two years at a Christian college, and hadn't done much of anything. Here he was, at a graduation party for someone who graduated summa cum laude. Did that have anything to do with the attitude?

"My tourist guide also suggested going in the winter," his mother said, undaunted. "She says it's remarkably beautiful, that time of year."

"Remarkably snowy, more like it," he sniffed. "That was a terrible suggestion. North Wales is completely snowed in during the winter. You wouldn't be able to get anywhere."

"Apparently they haven't invented snow plows in North Wales," Corb whispered to me.

"The primatives," I whispered back. I wasn't talking about the Welch in winter, either.
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