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So, for some reason, I've been thinking about writing erotic fiction. Just to clear the palette, after the perfectly innocent little play I directed.  

I know, I know, I REALLY need to work on rewriting one of my YA novels, at my agent's request. And I know, too, that one could not possibly write YA if one has published a dirty book or two. At least, under the same name. Even so. The hunger exits, like a demon in my soul.

I once tried to write a sex book, and had a blast doing it. It was called "Ready, Willing, and Horny as Hell." I blew through two chapters before I decided to call it quits. I based the protagonist on my friend Mary-Beth, who at that time was attending a Catholic university. I re-christened her Maria Batista, an innocent freshman schoolgirl attending stately Santa Emmanuel college. In the first chapter, she was an innocent virgin whose sexuality curiosity is awakened by the amorous advances a kindly old football coach.

Keep in mind, this was many years before Jerry Sandusky.

In the second chapter, having discovered her passionate love of the loin, she decides to return the favor by having a foursome with three college boys she encounters in one of the school bathrooms.

That was about as far as I went. I handed the chapters to my friend Mary-Beth, we had some fun reading through it, and then I put it away with all my other writings, where it has never been seen again.

It was fun, but perhaps there's another approach. That book was pure porn, after all. Perhaps I could rework things, and take out some of the porn, to make it somewhat respectable. Something a housewife could be seen reading after the kids go off to school. Perhaps I could model my erotic fiction after the currently popular series "Fifty Shades of Gray."

I'm thinking of calling MY version of Fifty Shades of Gray "The Summer of 69." Get it? It's a double entendre. Snort, guffaw. It's both a Brian Adams song (without the comma) and also, the entire point of the book.

Well! The entire point, with a twist. You see, in my book...the Summer of 69, available soon at a book store near you, my heroine...

(or, hero, I'm not sure which.)

Oh, hell, I'll make it a heroine. There's more money in straight sex. Right?

Anyway, in MY book...The Summer of 69, available soon at a book store near you...well, if book stores still exist in a year or heroine decides not only to embark upon a summer of mutual oral satisfaction...BUT decides she wants to take 69 lovers, too, before the summer is over. Get it? So, the title has THREE's kind of like a dirty version of 300. Except 231 less!

I would write 69 short little chapters, too. 69 happy endings. Or maybe not...I'm thinking I might actually give it a little plot, and make my girl race against the end of summer to meet her goal. Maybe she's only at 13 when the end of August arrives, and she has to end the whole thing in an orgy with a football team. Just like Maria Batista.

And if you like that...that is, if my naughty Summer of 69 book gains some word of mouth....well, who knows what would come next?

I could set off a national craze. Whole flocks of people would set upon creating their own summer of 69, inspired by my work. Housewives, postal clerks, lobster men. In the gay world, of course, the whole book could be re-enacted in just one afternoon.

Oh!  And that's only the beginning, of course. Then there are the SEQUELS!

That's right, sequels.

Just wait until you read my version of the 700 Club.
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