Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Under a shady tree.

At a thrift shop. Can you spot my hands in the photo?

With the Ashes crisis past, and the egg apparently cracked, the second day of orientation was actually pretty smooth sailing.

We only received one text from her the entire day: "I'm bored," just as we were about to sit down for lunch. I suggested Josie ignore it, which she did.

That left the two of us with the option of simply touring Salem and enjoying the day.

I found a jampacked bookstore and picked up all of the Sookie Stackhouse series. The books were all stacked in huge and scary piles, and the man behind the counter had really long, scary nails.

The night before, Josie and I celebrated our wedding anniversary (not that it matters any more) at a place called Rockafellas. The martinis were terrific. They didn't seem strong until after they were done.

I picked up some great incense for the apartment at a little hole in the wall place. One is called Catholic Exorcism.

My favorite place to hang, however, was a place called the Gulu Gulu Cafe. We stopped there for lunch the second day, and I ordered an Orange Cranberry Rooibos iced tea, along with a selection of three cheeses and some Italian Ciabatta bread.

I was in complete heaven, frankly. Give me some good cheese, and you can keep me content for hours...or at least until I have a heart-attack. I'm such a cheesehead that the doubly bypass surgery would almost be worth it.

I ordered some Red Dragon Ale and Mustard Cheddar, some Grafton Smoked Cheddar, and some Manchego cheese. The cheddar was a great staple and the Manchego was the least exciting cheese on the plate, but the Red Dragon Ale was utterly splendiferous. It had a sweet and vinegary flavor at first, but ended up with a little bit of fiery kick at the end, and coupled with the soft bread with a crunchy and burned crust, it was an incredibly satisfying experience. I sat there making little noises the entire time.

Those sort of experiences make me want to devote the remainder of my life to hedonism.

After lunch, Josie and I drove around a bit more and then parked at the campus. We located a spot under a shady tree read books for about two hours.

Then, Ashes was done, and the ride home was spent with her babbling on about what she had done and the courses she had chosen. She seemed really excited about everything, which was a wonderful thing to hear. 

With Orientation over, the next two months can be spent relaxing a little bit. Oh, and preparing, of course, for the end of August. Oh...and, hedonism.
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