Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

A Drowsy Recap

Last night of the show. So many stories I wish I had set down and written about, but there was just no time. There never is.

The first week-end wiped away all the concerns about the delays brought about by my meticulous set designer. It was terrific, each night better than the next. The one big concern was audience: the numbers were low for all performances, in part, I think, because The Drowsy Chaperone is not an especially well known play, but also because the person in charge of online orders failed to test Saturday's link, and it wasn't working.

As a result, there were a lot of concerns about having enough money to pay for expenses. The treasurer, a rather mercurial man, interrupted a rehearsal to threaten grimly that if sales didn't pick up, the second week-end would have to be cancelled or certain bills wouldn't get paid. Then, after the week-end, he indicated that he wouldn't be paying anyone, including me, the music director, or the orchestra, until he took a look at all the bills.

That caused me a great deal of concern, and I spent the past week promoting the hell out of the show. This should have been done a week before, but frankly, I was kind of busy directing the damn show. The PR person should have been doing what I was doing, but she's a bit clueless, and someone had to do something. Fortunately, I think because of word of mouth, ticket sales sales to pick up, and last night's audience was much, much better.

As a result, the show was even better than the week-end before. I can wait to see how it goes this evening.

My one biggest concern is my Drowsy. Three weeks before opening, Janet was rushed to the emergency room due to neurological problems. She had suffered a minor stroke many years ago and made the decision to go off the medication, which wasn't a wise choice. Since then, she's been to the ER three more times, including yesterday morning, for heart problems.

All this time, she's kept most of it a secret to everyone, but I just felt like something was up. So, after the show last night, I took her aside to find out what's up. Now, I'm worried.

In addition to the show, the celebrations afterwards have been just wonderful. They started slowly, and I don't get the lipstick kisses on the head that I got during Guys and Dolls, but everyone was on such a high last night.

I'm going to miss this one tremendously.
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