Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Bad passenger!

Me, at a friend's show this afternoon.

See, here's the thing. I'm a terrible person to take to see a live theater event. Movies, too.

Usually, watching television with me is not so bad, for some reason, although I have been known to have my moments. And even then, I really prefer total quiet. I HATE it when people talk during a show that I like. It totally spoils the moment, for me.

But for movies and live theater, I can be just horrible. Corb hates going with me. I frown, make faces. I squirm and kind of shake my head. After the show's over, I can be the last person that you'd want to speak with, if I didn't like what I was seeing.

I've spent some time thinking about why I am the way that I am. The conclusion I've reached is this: a live event, or something that involves a big screen and surround sound, excites my senses. It overwhelms me, gets me jazzed. And I'm the kind of person that likes to be overwhelmed and swept away by things. It's not that difficult to do, either.

But here's the down side: it's also far too easy to take me out of the moment. If there's something I feel is untrue to the intention of the world that's been created, or is a plot flaw that contradicts what's been established, it gets me angry. I can't get past it. It throws me out of the moment, and that's all I will focus on, from that moment on. 

It's happened on all sorts of occasions. There's a James Bond film I can't bear to watch because it involves an invisible car and what takes place doesn't make any sense whatsoever. I can't stand the second Mission Impossible movie because the fight sequences at the end are all in slow motion and look ridiculous. I can't watch Phantom of the Opera on Broadway because the second act is all just filler until the end of the show. Josie recently invited me to see a friend perform in a show, and I know she was looking for me to just say nice things at the end. I did, to the actor in the show. But I let her know what I really thought, afterwards.

On the plus side, if I think the show is consistent throughout...if the world that I bought into at the start of the journey isn't violated in some fashion, and stays true, then I can be the most agreeable of viewers. And I'm not a snob about things, either. It doesn't matter if it's a Broadway show or a high school musical. If I can believe what's going on, if it's done with passion and commitment, then I am there for the ride.

As an example, this afternoon, I went to see a middle school production of a play written by a friend of mine. I went into dreading it, especially because the play was about a subject that is very easy to screw up: Time Travel.

What I found is that I totally bought the premise and the plot line was consistent throughout. The show was about a scientific genius whose future self contacts him to ask him to create an invention that will save the world. Of course, he does.

Time travel is a tricky subject to deal with, but despite this, I was able to accept the way it was handled, even if there is one potential flaw to be found at the resolution. Which is: if your future self contacts you to prevent something from occurring, and you prevent it from occurring, then by the very nature of that act, you should have no recollection of being contacted by your future self, because by fixing the problem, they would have no need to contact you in the first place.

What saved me from getting upset about the fact that the kids remembered everything was the following: the second episode of "Last of the Time Lords" from Doctor Who. In that, the world is saved and everything goes back to where things where before the time paradox occurred, and everyone forgot what happened, except for those at the center of the Time Storm, who still remember what occurred.

I decided to apply that theory to this story, even if it didn't really involve a time paradox. Still, that was enough of a bridge to allow me to enjoy what I was watching.

I wish everything was that easy! 

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