Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria


"This is it."

I stopped in the cavernous gymnasium, thinking I had heard an echo, frokm someone else. I turned to look at her, and could tell that she was serious.
It's been a long road we've traveled this past year, with Ashes. Through all the testing for SATs, all the filling out of applications. All the necessary documentation, all the college tours, all the acceptances (five in total...she just received another one this morning.) These past few weeks, she's had her selection down to two, dependent on the Accepted Student tours.

The first one she went to two days after her wisdom teeth had been removed. She hadn't been too excited about it, but I figured that was just the fact that she was heavily medicated. I asked her how she liked it, several times, for several days after the visit. Each time, I'd get a neutral answer.

I guess she was waiting for the next visit. On Saturday, we went to the Accepted Student tour for her other Final Two choice. Yes, the college was much bigger (huge, actually), yes, the courses seemed just a bit more challenging. I was thinking this would be a scary thing for her. Instead:

"This is where I want to go."

Well, I have to admit, I could kind of feel that from the first time that we visited the school, back in September. And Salem has a lot of history and color. That will be fun for her. And it's far enough away...but not too far...where she can have her freedom but also be just an hour's drive away.

Well, okay then. "Are you sure?" She nodded. I reached for my wallet. "Well, then let's put down a deposit..."

I turned to look at Josie, and, sentimental me, felt a lump in my throat. Another road traveled down.

Another left turn just ahead.
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