Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

A city day.

Spent the day in New York City. It was a beautiful day to walk about.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my post about Ashes yesterday. She didn't end up going to school today, but the pain from the surgery continues and she claims it's radiating into her neck. She has an appointment with her ortho tomorrow morning. 

She also has an appointment with a therapist next Friday. Josie has set her up with South American woman whom she say has a great accent and Ashes will love. I really hope so. She desperately needs someone t all to.

In other news, I learned on Tuesday, quite out of the blue, that my friend David is no longer my boss. I actually found out before David did. The person who I will now be reporting to is someone I have a high opinion of and I'm looking forward to working with her. I will miss working for David, though...he's like a brother to me, and at least he's not going any where. He'll still be working in the same office and everything.

One good thing: my new boss said she doesn't care where I work, as long as I get the job done. That means I can work out of the home more, which I like doing. David always frowned on that and tried to make me feel guilty about working from home. Honestly, I think he liked the company. So, I will still mostly go in to keep him company, but I like the flexibility!
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