Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Wisdom weekend.

This past weekend was all about Ashes.
Thursday morning, she had her four wisdom teeth removed, plus one additional one. Josie volunteered to look after her all day on Thursday, and it was my turn on Friday. 

She was heavily drugged, and heavily miserable. Most of my day consisted of playing Animal Crossing, tending to her every needs and whims, and reading her chapters of Coraline during her lucid moments. Having never read Coraline, I have to admit, I am greatly enjoying the experience. I managed to talk Corb into staying home, and he made her some great French toast in the morning.

Saturday I woke Ashes up bright and early, at six in the morning, for a visit to one of the colleges that had accepted her. She started out fairly alert, but by the end of the day, still on Vicaden, our conversations tended to the following:

ME: So, what did you think, Ashes?
ASHES: Unhhhhhhhhh.
ME:Do you think you want to go here?
ASHES: Unhhhhhhhhh.

At around three in the afternoon we pulled into Josie's. Josie hopped out of my car and we escorted Ashes into the house.

She went right to sleep.

Sunday was supposed to be another Accepted Student day, but Josie called me up a few hours later. "Ashes doesn't think she's up to tomorrow. Can you change it to the other session?"

I completely understood, and made the change. Which was good, because that allowed me to look after Ashes, read her more Coraline, clean the messy house, do blocking for Drowsy, two loads of laundry, and get my taxes done online. Not a bad day.

She took today off, too. Tomorrow she goes back to school. Hope she makes it! This hasn't been the most fun week for my kid.
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