Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Into the woods.

Blue Hills, Saturday afternoon

"See? Right over there. That guy. He's on the prowl."

I glanced down the trail a couple of hundred yards ahead of us. There was a man there, with slicked back brown hair. Obviously a dye job. A rain slicker, brown chinos, in his fifties. A hungry look in his eyes.

He saw me looking. I glanced away, quickly.

We passed him a few seconds later. He just kept staring at us, looking us up and over. I mumbled a hello and we quickly walked past.

A few hundred yards later, Corb whispered to me, "He's following us."

"No shit! Keep walking. Don't stop." I quickened my pace.

Corb grinned, his long legs easily matching my stride. "Why do you get so freaked out by it?"

"I don't know! I just do, that's all. The thought of him trying to get us off the path to..." I shuddered. "I don't know. Maybe if he were hot and twenty years younger..."

Corb's frown disappeared. We reached a crossroads in the woods, decided to turn right.

A glance behind us. "He's gone."

"You would, wouldn't you?" Corb asked, a little disgruntled. "If he were twenty something, I mean."

I shook my head. "Corb, you know how I am about public things. No, I would not." I paused. "But that better not be why you brought us here today. It wasn't, right? Of all the hiking trails and all the paths in Massachusetts, you had to bring us to the cruisiest one of all...?"

"I promise you, I only wanted to walk today. Just hike. And besides, you were the one who wanted to see the fort. It's not my fault you have to go through the cruisiest part of the woods."

"How do they do it, anyways?" I asked, turning my neck to look through the woods. "Do you think there's someone getting it on right now?"

"Probably." Corb started to slow the pace down, as we started up an incline. "Probably more than a few people getting it on. Not around here, though. This is too far out. We passed all the bad parts. They just connect, like he was trying to do, then they move away from the path and do their thing. Just a short ways off the path and no one can really see you."

"He just kind of creeped me out," I said, and shivered. "His eyes looked so hungry."

Corb smiled impishly. "The creepiest ones can be the most exciting sometimes."

"I have to go pee." I grabbed Corb's shirt. "Keep a look out, will you? I don't want anyone popping out from behind a tree and grabbing at my dick."


On our way back, we passed the hungry man again. He was still prowling the same trail, back and forth. He said hello again, and I was polite, but made it clear I wasn't looking for anything. We made our way out of the woods and to the picnic benches.

A blue car whizzed passed us as we sat there, gazing at the Boston skyline. The car was full of teen-age boys. "How's it going, faggots?" one of them shouted out as they passed. Laughter. The car was gone.

I held my head down. I was ashamed, even though I had nothing to be ashamed of. 

I glanced down the trail we had just come from. An anxious Asian man was making his way down the path, his hands in his pockets.

Maybe the hungry man was going to eat, after all. But would he still be hungry an hour later? 

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