Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Monday night rehearsal

Tonight was the first ensemble music rehearsal for Drowsy. We worked on "Fancy Dress," which starts off the show, as well as "I Do I Do" and the finale, which of course end it.

My Drowsy was not there tonight, so I got to play the role. I like playing the role of the Drowsy Chaperone, but then again I guess most gay men do. It definitely is a diva role. I may have to find some way to push Janet down the stairs one performance so that I can take over her role.

As a bit of a surprise, my friend Scavenging Al came to rehearsal. His trip to Texas didn't work out as planned. The last friend that he was visiting turned out to be a scary Tea Party Republican who broke up with him once she learned that he supported Obama. Good thing he returned home, too, as his wife Martie has taken a turn for the worst.

One of the things that he mentioned was that the nurses at the home Martie is staying in stressed the importance of starting to create his own life apart from Martie, So I guess in some ways he was doing the right thing all along.

Things are better today between Corb and I. Of course, he thinks I'm bipolar, going from the angst of the night before to the relative high that I feel after a really good rehearsal.

I have to admit, I like creating entries on my iPad. It feels kind of intimate, the way it used to feel when I was keeping a paper journal. Not sure why that is. Plus, I find I can actually type pretty fast on this thing. I thin that's one of the advantages of being a two fingered typist. Since I don't type with ten fingers, I don't really need much room!

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