Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Wednesday bullets

  • This morning I woke up to sound of the cat vomiting on my favorite blue blanket. As a result of this major feline faux pas, I decided to be mean to the flea-ridden beast for the rest of the day. The anger is not subsiding, but will not abate until the blue blanky has been cleaned and is wrapped around my body.
  • After that, it was time to head off to Ashes' high school, to watch her deliver her senior year presentation on "Hairstyles of the 20th century." It was a twenty-minute oral presentation with a creative that she had worked on for six months. The presentation, delivered in front of a panel of three judges, was just terrific. They gave her a 92 for creatives, and 95 for presentation delivery. Which Josie and I thought was a great score, but Ashes was upset about because she didn't get 100s. A few folks the day before had gotten 100 on their presentation...however, as her teacher pointed out, they had easier judges. Apparently there's no consistency in these things, which does seem a trifle unfair.
  • After that, breakfast with my girls: Annie, Ashes, and Josie. Josie and I were the only parents who actually went to the presentations. I'm glad I went, honestly. Everyone was so nice about how great Ashes' presentation was, and honestly, at points, she seemed less my little girl and more young professional. It was quite impressive to see this transformation.
  • With the weather so nice out, after dropping off the girls, I decided to work at home the rest of the day.
  • Glad I did, although the hours flew by. One thing I have to start doing one of these days: work on revising The Late Night Show. With the play, it's been difficult to focus on that...or am I simply being lazy with my focus? Honestly, I would like to get better with my focus than I have been.
  • And exercise, too. Corb's been on a fruit and vegetable diet for almost two weeks and has been crapping out all sorts of different colors. He's dropped two pants sizes already, which is pretty amazing, He might improve our lives after all!
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