Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

No entrance.

"Ted, we have a problem."

It was the first read through for Drowsy Chaperone, toward the end of the night. The rehearsal had gone swimmingly. I don't think I've ever cast a better show, frankly. And Corb had shown up at the end of the night from work, and then dropped the bomb on me.

See, I was heading off to New York the next day, and because I was rehearsing two nights this week, I really couldn't ask Josie to look after the kids for an extra third night, could I? So, we had agreed I would give her the keys to my apartment, even though the week before I had had copies made for the kids of my keys, and I had just been too lazy to pick them up at the office, Corb had agreed to drop his keys off at Josie's and meet me at rehearsal.

Therein lies the problem. "Let me see your keys," he whispered to me, when he arrived. Dutifully, I handed them to him.

Half an hour later, after the most excellent reading had ended and I was basking in the glow of mutual admiration, he approached me. "I think I lost your keys," he informed me.

"What? How?"

He grinned, such a little boy. "I was playing with your key chain and kind of lifted up the latch. I think a key fell off. Of course, I could be wrong."

But it wasn't on the key chain. We searched everywhere for that key. On the floor, in my car, in Corb's pockets. We had one of the actors shine his headlights in the parking lot, looking for that key. Finally, we gave up and drove home, hoping against hope that we had left the sliding doors on our deck unlocked.

I climbed the darkened stairs leading to the deck and tugged at the doors. Thank God, we had. I stumbled my way through the darkened apartment and buzzed to let Corb in.

As Corb was changing from his work clothes, I heard a loud barking laugh. "You're not going to believe this," he said, moving into the living room in his boxers. "I took off my pants, and for some reason, decided to look into the cuffs of my pants, and look what I found." He handed me my key. "Figures, the minute we get into the apartment, we find it."

I grinned. "Now that I think of it, why did we bother giving Josie your key, if the balcony door was open all this time?"

We are a perfect match, I tell you.

Note: typed while drunk. Don't blame me!

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