Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Year of Change, part 100

Maybe it's the warm weather, but I'm feeling very good about this year of change, right now. I keep getting glimpses in my head of what life could be like, and it makes me smile.

It has been a constant topic of discussion during the two therapy appointments I've had so far. My creative gay-loving therapist has reiterated that anxiety attacks are often simply frustration and anger turned inward, and that has forced me to take a look at my life and see where I can eliminate sources of repression. The year ahead will help, I think. because I know things are going to get easier.

What I'm looking forward to:
--Corb has some major payments that come to an end this year.
--Ashes will be heading off to college.
--I am seriously looking into moving to a new bigger, place for us all (and Ashes has decided, she likes the idea.)

And, one other thing I've decided: this is the last play I'll be directing for a while. It's been ten years, and while I do enjoy it, it makes it really difficult to focus on my writing, because it splits my attention. Which may be one reason that I've not gotten published yet. Who knows: with a better focus and maybe my own study to write in, maybe I'll be more productive and actually seal the deal. At6 least, that's my hope.

Oh, and another piece of good news: my parents have decided not to sell their beach house after all. My sister Kerrie is buying Jim's share of the beach house, which will make it truly our family's place. That makes me happy. I would have missed being able to go there...I have way too many memories from 4th of July and Father's day celebrations past. Not to mention all the lobster I've consumed there through the years.

Off to discuss Financial Aid with Josie. Wish us luck!   
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