Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Obstruction lifted.

Darnit, and I was doing so well in keeping up with my journal lately! Sigh...

Here's what happened. Tuesday night I decided that since it was Valentine's day, Corb and I should treat ourselves to Chinese food. the food itself was great, but that night, as I settled down for bed, I found that I couldn't sleep, even though I desperately needed sleep, because I was waking up at five to head off to New York and meet my new boss.  

Four o'clock, and I still couldn't sleep. Thoughts were dancing all through my head. And then, it started to hit me.

The nausea feeling.

At 4:30, I threw up. Maybe that's it, I thought. I tried to get back to sleep, then crawled out of the couch at five, got ready, woke the kids up, reminded Corb he needed to drive them to school, and then headed off to the train station. My stomach still felt queasy, so I ordered tea and something light for breakfast, Arrived at the train station. Boarded the train.

Have you ever realized how completely horrible a train can be when you've got a stomach thing? Cramped next to someone, feeling the train swaying back and forth on the tracks. Twenty minutes into the ride, I knew that things were going to get really bad really quickly. And then, I stumbled to the bathroom.

I went back three more times. At one point, Corb called, and I actually vomited with him still on the phone. It was horrible.

I knew there was no way I was going to make the three hour trip to New York. Even if I did, I couldn't see how I could meet anyone in the condition I was in. So, at New Haven, I turned around, headed home, cancelled my meeting with my boss, and crawled into bed, where I stayed until the next day.

It was awful. I must have thrown up at least fifteen times that day. I had fever, I had chills, every part of my body ached. I couldn't lie still for even a minute, and sleep was out of the question.

At around eight at night, I became convinced that the problem wasn't a flu, but a bowel obstruction brought on by overly crunchy General Gao's chicken. Frantically, I called Josie up on the phone.

ME: I think I have a bowel obstruction brought on by overly crunchy General Gao's chicken. 
JOSIE: (Amused): And why is this?
ME: All I've been doing is throwing up. I haven't pooped at all.
JOSIE: (Still amused) That's because you threw up anything you might be pooping out.
ME: But it's all been breakfast vomit. It doesn't look like Chinese food vomit at all.
JOSIE: Do we really have to have this discussion, Ted?
ME: Remember when I couldn't poop for three days and you had to put a suppository inside me?
JOSIE: How will I ever forget that?
ME: Maybe it's like that (insert groaning and wimpering)
JOSIE: (Back to amused) Well, the thing is, it hasn't been three or four days. I think you'll be fine.

Well, it didn't take even three days for things to pass, so I guess I didn't have a bowel obstruction after all. Still, the whole things wiped me out. I went through the motions with auditions for my show and a meeting with said new boss on Friday, but everything else was put on pause. I stopped reading Game of Thrones. I stopped keeping up with Live Journal, I even stopped fighting with Corb's mother (PS: she's still mad at me).

Now...after what, almost a week? I'm almost back in the saddle again. Time to get back to keeping this up again.

It almost feels like a rebirth. Like I threw up my old self, and there's a new person inside of me. Like an obstruction has been lifted. That person's still weak, but getting stronger. Anyway, it feels good to be typing again. 

Oh, auditions? They went great, I love my cast, no one turned me down for anything, even ensemble. That's a first, I think. And, I have my first appointment with my new therapist tomorrow. And, I heard back from my agent!

Lots to talk about. Will keep at it, promise. 


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