Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Thursday bullets

  • One of my stories showed up on The Write on Project, once again. It's one that I first posted on Live Journal last year, called "Ten Reasons I Hate Doing Algebra," and features me, Ashes, Algebra, and itchy armpits. It always makes me smile when I read it, so please check it out! And, feel free to comment...they kind of shut down for a while, but are starting up again, and would like some traffic. Feel free to comment, too! Click here to read it.
  • Thanks for all the words of support yesterday. It really meant a lot. The self-publishing idea is one that has some merit. Of course, if I did it, I'd have to let my agent know that I'm going it on my own. However, it could be kind of fun to look back on what I've done and see what I want to put out there. Besides Late Night and Pictures of You, I still always wanted to see Amelia's Bones published. Maybe Too Close for Comfort, if I get past chapter four. And of course, I have this crazy idea that I could take some of my favorite Journal entries and put them together into one volume with photos that serve as headlines to each story. I'm even kicking around a lovely title for the whole thing: Shit I've Written.
  • Charming title, don't you think? Now, now...don't try and steal it! Seriously, wouldn't you love to have a book on your shelf called Shit I've Written? I think it'd make for a great bathroom book. And then, when I go to book signings and things like that, I could sign each book, "May the shit be with you!" It'd kind of be my thing.  
  • Okay, okay, as you can tell, I'm getting my mojo back today. Maybe it was the sunny day, I don't any event, it feels good not to dwell on all the negatives that are there, and instead think about the possibilities. Thanks for that!
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