Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Sunday bullets

--Quite a bit of time with Kaeden this week-end! Josie's been serving as official baby-sitter on Saturday nights these past few weeks, and after dinner last night, Corb and I stopped by her house to see him. It's been a few weeks and he has grown quite a bit. He was really alert and squirmy, and while I was holding him, he kept trying to creep up to get a better look at me. Or, to let me know that he wanted to be fed. I prefer the former explanation, frankly...far more flattering. 

--His eyes are blue and they look straight at you. Very handsome kid. He does have a birthmark on his forehead that gets darker when the weather changes. I called it the mark of Cain, and Annie frowned at me. She did not appreciate the comparison.

--Then this morning, we met up with Corb's mom and grandmother with the kids for breakfast, and since it was so close to Annie's place--and neither have seen Kaeden yet--I tried to call Annie to see if she could drop by the restaurant. Of course, being my kid, Annie doesn't answer her phone. But, she responded by text right away! Five minutes later, Chad and Annie were at the restaurant, and Kaeden was attracting a crowd.

--Other than that, aside from boring housework, this was a week-end of little squabbles, unfortunately. Ashes was made that Corb and I went out to eat last night and didn't invite her (which was ridiculous), and tried to punish him be refusing to go to breakfast this morning. That didn't last long. Theo became angry when Ashes forgot her homework at Josie's and I had to drive back to get it. He felt I should have dropped him off at the apartment before going back. He sulked about that for a few hours this afternoon.

--And, Corb and I have had our share of little eruptions this week-end. We're trying to talk through them, because of late, we've been bickering quite a bit and we're both not thrilled about that. It's probably the seven-year-itch, but I think Corb's looking at his life and trying to figure out where he goes from here, which is perfectly natural. I think that that future will include me, although it may involve change. He's been talking a lot about moving to the south in a few years, as I've mentioned before, but he wonders whether I'd really want to do that, given the ties that keep me here.

--I think I'd be fine with a change, once Theo graduates from high school. So, I don't think there would be issues, but of course, you never know. Anyways, perhaps figuring out if we can learn to communicate better is one step toward figuring out what will happen with us once we get to that point. I'm thinking it will all be fine.       

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