Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

An Unasked-for Rant on the State of the Union Address

So I have this here president who resembles a chimp and peppers his speeches with words like "nucular," "terra," and "timidate"?

And then he starts his speech by stating that he's not going to be a President that leaves things undone for future generations (who are you talking about, boy, your poppa?), but thanks to his brilliant fiscal management, the budget deficit is going to hit $300 billion this year?

And then he talks about improving the environment and conservation while he's gleefully plundering the Alaskan wild?

Oh, puhlease, don't get me started...I do so miss Bill least he could manage the country well and provide honest entertainment in the form of solid sex scandals. least Bushy was smart and front-loaded his speech with tons of sugar: tax cuts, hydrogen-powered cars, the importance of mentors, AIDS relief overseas, and the need to pass a law against all human cloning (impossible to uphold, but I agree nonetheless.) Probably figured that half of America would be asleep before he started the saber-rattling, which I'm certain is a fair assessment.

And the sabers will rattle. That much is evident. But why do I get this feeling that history is repeating itself, and Bush #2 will be a one-termer just like Bush #1? It's the economy, stupid. You can 'timidate all you want, but that's what it all comes down to.

For the record, I did like the following line: "Medicare is a binding commitment from a caring society." The line about saving America "one heart and one soul at a time" may have been coated in candy dust, but it made me more than a little nervous.
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