Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Wednesday bullets

  • Trying something different today. Rather than waiting for when I have time to post a story (which seems to be harder and harder to do, lately), I'm just going to try and post a few bullets every day. That way I can keep up with what's going on in my life, and post longer stories when I have time. Yes, I did steal this idea from another LJ friend.
  • Sick as a dog today. Whatever Corb had over the week-end has now spread to me, including a continuous headache and a slight fever. Wish I could afford time out of work, but I have a class to teach today, and the person who usually backs me up is pregnant and being induced tomorrow. Today's her last day...I can't stick that on her.
  • Also poor as a churchmouse (might as well use all the cliches I have in my arsenal). Somehow, I have to make $58 last from now until the end of the month. Not sure how I can make this one happen, although Corb does get paid on Friday, and I may get $90 and $25 placed in my account between now and then, if I'm lucky. Still, with gas and all that...this one's going to be tough.
  • Corb just hopped out of the shower. My turn to get in there. Talk later!
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