Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria


There are 22 stories inside of all of us. Come on, you know it's true.

Each and every one of us. The delivery varies, the audience changes, but inside all of us are housed 22. 22 stories you can bear to tell, 22 that can bear to be heard.

Two stories from childhood:

         one that everyone knows
        one that only a few know

One of parental cruelty.

One story where you want to believe your parents were better than they were.

One ghost story.

One story of unrequited love.

Two stories of sexual indiscretion: 
        one with yourself
        one with someone else

One of mistaken identity.

One of a lousy job.

One of a grandparent.

One of travel.

One bad sickness.

One high school humiliation.

One first kiss.

One beloved pet.

One of obsession.

One of possession.

One of a night spent drinking.

One of lost clothing.

One of coincidence.

One of a best friend.

One of betrayal.

One of a death.

One of your death.

But that's the last story of all, and one you'll never tell.
What are your stories?
--TJ Alexian, January 2012
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