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Snapshots from Green Victoria

New Year's Swag and a 2012 omen.

Here's a glimpse of the fabulous swag we snagged last night at the annual New Year's Eve Skanky Swap, held at Josie's place. Although we had fears it wasn't going to be as well attended as usual, everyone managed to turn out, for the most part. Amber even managed to make an appearance, via Skype.

The hideous green dancing girl will, I suspect, make a nice complement to last year's Carmen Miranda statue, unless James T Kirk ends up making love to her first. After all, he is into green chicks. The other item on the stand is a lovely DVD about four drag queens that decide to turn Republican and hold a fundraiser. The caption is great: "Rachel, Winnie, Trixie and Trampolina defend their conversion to conservatism by singing the praises of corruption, tokenism, and greed." Should be quite a fun little flick. Or, really awful.

 The third item we won I can't really show in the photo. It's far too offensive. I should know, I picked it out, and thanks to my son, ended up with it. I called it "Mammy with a Strap-on." Let's just say that the cashier at the local Savers I bought it at refused to look at me as I was buying it. Why they were selling it, I'll never know.

 Of course, baby Kaeden made an appearance. For some reason, he didn't find our craziness that upsetting, and slept most of the time. As Slacker Chad mentioned, maybe he was used to hearing us in the womb.


As the evening drew to a close, and I was getting out of the 'stang to stumble into the apartment, I checked my phone and learned that my friend Joyce's father had passed away that afternoon. Joyce is the oldest friend I have in the world, from my first day of high school. She's the one who defaced my high school yearbook.

What's odd is that, at that exact moment I read her email message, I looked up, and a huge meteorite was zooming across the sky. It was the largest I have ever seen, and frankly, I never see them, although some of my fondest memories of Joyce involve playing Fleetwood Mac late at night and skanning the skies for shooting stars. I take it as a sign that her dad's gone to a better place.

The other strange thing is that I had a similar experience happen when her mother passed away, too. At that time, we were having a bit of a spat, and I hadn't spoken to this friend in about a month. She had called me an "ambassador of the absurd" in a college paper, and I had foolishly taken offense. So, I didn't know her mother had taken ill from cancer, and yet, the very night that she passed, I woke up from a sound sleep with a vivid image of being in my friend's living room, talking to her mom, as calmly as can be. When I woke up, I knew that something had happened.

 It's strange, the connections we make in life. Some of them never go away, no matter how many years go by.

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