Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

So, this morning, Ashes got her way and finally was able to watch Gossip Girl with us. Pretty fairly on, I started to notice a familar theme running through the entire show. After the show was over, I went to work.

I whipped out my cell phone and pointed it at Corb, playing on the computer. "Ha! I just took a picture of you playing Sims on your computer. I'm going to send it to Gossip Girl."

Then, I snuck into Theo's room and took a photo him. "OMG! I am SO sending this photo of Theo playing X-Box to Gossip Girl. XOXO!"

A few minutes later, Corb looked up from his game, shocked. He held his cell phone in his hands. "You are NOT going to believe what I just read! According to Gossip Girl, Ted is a bald poop face bubble nose!"

"Oh really?" I said, sending off a quick message. "What about this?"

"News flash!" cried Corb, receiving a text, a few minutes later. "Ashes likes to videotape her poop and post in on line. OMG XOXO!"

That was the moment that Josie arrived to pick the kids up. I think they were kind of happy to leave, at that point...

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