Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Christmas eve, 2011

The trip to my parents on Christmas eve is over, this year a little emptier with the absence of two dear friends (my parents' friend Cathy, who died of cancer, always a familar face at Christmas. Her companion Jim chose to visit his relatives in New York rather than relive the past, this year.)

On the other hand, richer with the addition of Kaeden. Baby's first Chrismas, and life's rich pageant. Yes, he is adorable.

Now Corb and I are back at the Homestead, at Josie's, sleeping over. The one night of the year I sleep over the old house I lived in for so many years. Both on couches, of course. Not as comfortable as our bed, but I'm used to couches. I'll keep the Christmas tree on as I sleep, with all the wrapped presents waiting to be opened tomorrow morning.

Corb is snoring, Josie is asleep in our old bedroom. I'm here typing, on Josie's keyboard, which could never accomodate my hunt and peck style of typing at a hundred miles an hour. As a result, letters get skipped. That always irritated me.

I tried to get to sleep about thirty minutes ago. Felt a little sad, so I had to get up. Start typing.

Sad, remembering the past. So may ghosts here. Memories from years ago.

Sad, thinking of the future. How any more Christmases will we spend like this? I like these nights, don't want to see them go. But with Ashes heading off to college next year...

Things will change. I'm a sentimental slob. I like the feeling of these traditions. And I love the people in my life, every one of them.
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