Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

"Sometimes a different outlook can change your point of view"

Saturday night was another night of sushi with the lovely Miss Coco. She brought along her new boyfriend, whose about as sour as she is bubbly...well, he's a corrections officer...along with Mama Sue the Traveling Celebrity Spotter and her daughter.

After sushi, the bunch of us traveled to Concord to see a production of the Drowsy Chaperone. This is part of my research for the Eldredge Players' spring production. All told this, is my third time watching the show, first on Broadway, and this year, at more local productions.

I give myself props for doing the legwork, and it really shows how much I love the show, but honestly, on another level, I've felt a bit of ennui about the whole thing. It takes a lot of prep work to put together a show for Eldredge least six months of my life each year...and...well, with all that's going on my life this year,. to quote Lily von Schtupp, "I'm tired."

So, after the show, we're hanging around at the bar across the street with our friend Janet, a fabulous actress who played the Drowsy Chaperone in the show, and as we're talking, she turns to me and says,

"Why don't I direct the show and you can be the Man in the Chair?"

I mean, you could have hit me with an atomic bomb. What a wonderful idea!

Now, of course, we'll have to see what she thinks in the sober light of day, which she as much acknowledged that night. But if she was serious...well, THAT"S a proposition I would take really seriously. It's a role I would love to play, she'd be a terrific director to work for, and it would be far less stress on least, for a few least, until rehearsals start.

Hopeful today. We'll see how things turn out. One problem I can see is that Janet would have to travel a lot for rehearsals, and also, Ashes' graduation may end up being held on one of the performances, which would be a pretty major problem.

Anyway, what a creative question, and I'd love the challenge, far more than the proposition of directing again. Maybe that's why I was feeling such ennui to begin with? As the American Lady says in Drowsy, "Sometimes a different outlook can change your point of view"

...I'm ready for that to happen! 
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