Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria


"Trader Joe's is good, but it doesn't have everything you might need, really," said Sarah, during lunch at work. "Like, if you want peanut butter, they only have one brand."

I thought about this piece of information for a minute, let it rest on the roof of my mouth. Then, a decision. "That won't work for me, unless they have Skippy creamy. I won't eat any other kind of peanut butter."

Sarah wrinkled her nose. "Nothing else? What about crunchy?"


"So, what if someone offered you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and it wasn't Skippy smooth? Would you eat it?"

"First off, I wouldn't eat peanut butter and jelly. Peanut butter's only good for one thing, and that's on toast. The darker the toast, the better."

"Peanut butter only?"

"Peanut butter only."

"No jelly on it? Or honey?"


"And only peanut butter on toast? What if you had toast and a piece of cheese?"

"Oh, egad. My aunt Peg tried to make me eat that when I was ten. It was awful!"

Sarah looked down at the tea in her hands and grinned. "Don't you think your tastes have changed since you were ten?"

"They have, but not for that. Cheese is supposed to go with crackers."

Hands thrown up. I give up! "My God, you're worse than my husband!"


That night, as I was driving Ashes and Theo home, I started to plan supper. "So Ashes, you want the other half of the Chinese food you didn't eat from last night, right? Do you want me to heat it up with Theo's dinner, or just eat while you're doing your homework?"

"Oh, don't bother heating it up. I'll just eat it cold."

"What?" My stomach did a little pig flip. "You're like Corb. How can you eat it cold like that?"

"No, I'm like Annie. When we used to eat Chinese food on Fridays at your place, she taught me that Chinese food tastes better the next day, if you eat it cold."

"Well, it tastes better the next day, that's true, but not cold. Hot!"

Ashes grinned. "Dad, you are SO set in your ways."

Can you believe it? Set in my ways, twice in one day.

I prefer to think that I actually have a rather diverse palette, because I like all sorts of foods, and I'm not in any way restricted to one thing that I like, unlike Slacker Chad, say, who can only subsist on chicken fingers. However, when it comes to certain categories of things, yes, I have to admit, I do prefer to have certain things my way. Like toast, served up burnt, with peanut butter and served with tomato juice or coffee milk.

Is that a crime, I ask you? I think not, and I dare say that you'd have a fairly easy time pleasing me, if ever you were to invite me over. So please, don't let my friends (or my taste buds!) stop you.  

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