Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Another day waking up early to write morning pages. One thing I can say for it: forcing yourself to write three pages of whatever comes to mind really does help you to purge.

Today I wrote down stuff I've made a conscious effort not to write anywhere else. And, knowing that it was just for me, and that no one else could read it anyway, even if they did get a hold of my notes (because my handwriting is so bad) is incredibly freeing. I put down stuff that's been in my head for quite some time now, and even made some connections to things that I hadn't really thought of for years. What an exhilarating feeling!

I think because of all this self-purging, the writing on my current book has been continuing forward, but much of chapter two has an introspective feel. Part of that is the topic, but I have to be careful--I am not just writing this story so that it's only read by myself. Therefore, I cannot dwell in the details and I have to be conscious that I cannot go on for too long about things: write it compact, write it condensed, include suggestions and mysteries that will make the reader wanting more and that you can revisit later on.

One topic I touched upon today in my morning writing was the ability we have to hold ourselves back, owing to fear and insecurity. In many ways, we are our own worst enemy, and if you can find a way to set aside the fears that are trapped inside your head, so much MORE is possible. That's where I want to get: to the so much more place.

Have to keep this up. I'm just at the beginning. Tomorrow morning will be a big test, as I'm traveling to New York City and will be going to karaoke tonight. Will I be able to pump out three pages with a hangover and David nagging me to get ready so we can head in to work? If not, is writing three pages on the train ride home okay? We'll see where things stand tomorrow.
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