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Snapshots from Green Victoria

This and that.

Working on writing Chapter Two of my "Too Close for Comfort" story. The writing continues to flow, and I'm finding that my goal of incorporating some of my journal entries is starting to make sense. For example, in this chapter, I'm seeing a use for one of my favorite pieces of writing, something I wrote on Live Journal many years ago, called "Thank you."

Those of you who haven't read it before can do so here.

Of course, it will be changed. But as I start to provide background into how my two characters got to where they are, it started to make sense to incorporate some of this into the narrative. I'm not sure I could ever say it any better than I did, back then.


On another (much less interesting) note, I scratched my right cornea with a fingernail the other day. Nothing big--I'm not going to have to wear an eyepatch like a pirate or anything (sorry, Mouse!)--but I have been unable to wear my contacts for two days and I have medicated eyedrops I have to put in the eye every five hours to prevent infection.

Of course, paranoid that I am, I've been convinced, on and off, that I was going to go completely blind. I even woke up this morning, in a panic, dwelling on all the ridiculous things that could (but never would) happen. It's funny, the horrible panicky thoughts that pass through your mind in the wee, small hours of the morning.

I am now convinced, fortunately, that these things shall not happen.


Oh, and one last thing: since Corb gets home at 9:30 now, I have a few hours, every Tuesday and Thursday, to write and stuff. lots of stuff, and even some writing, I'm finding.

Anyway, about half an hour ago, the computer in Ashes' room mysteriously went off all of a sudden. I heard the Windows sound, loud and clear. And then, a few minutes later, it went on again.

I know, I know, it's only a computer upgrade, but it's freaked me out, especially because I'm all alone. I keep glancing fearfully at her room, which I have closed. Waiting it to creak open. Every random sound has been amplified. Maybe we shouldn't have watched American Horror Story  last night...

I can't wait for Corb to be home. 
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