Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

My "where were you?" thing...

Since everyone seems to be doing their "What were you doing the day of September 11" thing, I guess I'll share my memories. Here goes:

That day, I was sucking upon my mother's breast.

Oh, wait. You didn't mean, September 11, 1967? Ohhhhh....

Actually, ten years ago, I was at work, and I remember the sequence of events clearly. The first strike at the twin towers, then the second. Then the news from the Pentagon. Then the plane flight 93.

It was such a scary time, and it truly did feel like the world as we knew it was going to come to a complete end. One stood there wondering, "What's going to happen next?"

And then, the endless stream of news. The images, the heartbreaking stories. The executive conference room had the TV on all day, so everyone could be updated. And that night, I remember holding the kids close and hanging out at the house where Slacker Chad's parents lived, sitting in the living room, watching TV, watching Bush speak, all shaking our heads in disbelief.

I remember the fear that followed, too. At work, there was all this talk about, what happens if we're next? Which I kind of felt was a bit absurd...I worked in Cranston, Rhode Island, after all! How could we possibly be on anyone's hit list?

And then, the fear of flying (with apologies to Erica Jong). My boss at the time had a meeting in Texas scheduled a few days after 9/11 and a flight scheduled. I remember well, his well-meaning boss (long since retired) saying, "Oh, Joe, do you really have to go? It's too dangerous. Why not send Dave or Ted, instead?"

Thanks, lady. Good to know where I rate.

And I remember taking my first extended trip to Manhattan, a few months after September 11. Or was it a few months? I remember, it was around the time of the anthrax scare at NBC studios.

Such an overwhelming feeling. There were symbols spray painted on all the streets, reminding people of what had occurred, and police everywhere. There was still an electricity in the air, a buzz. And then, a trip close to the Twin Towers, as far as you could safely get, at least.

And yes, there was a unity. You could feel it, everywhere you went. If only we could bottle even a tenth of that, these days. That feeling of unity and pride is so sorely needed, these days.
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