Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

I'm sitting here in my bedroom leaning up against a bag full of dirty laundry dirty socks dirty shirts dirty skidmarked undies and there are all these bags lying around because our dryer just broke and I get the feeling that it's never gonna be revived again and so we've got these huge piles that make nice conversation pieces in our freaking room and hell, while they're here, I might as well use them for something, right?

And I'm thinking about this story Annie told me, about her drama teacher who was escorted out of school Friday morning. It was the night of the One Act play festival which I happened to be in when I was in high school and the play I wrote won Best Play and they wrote an article about me in the Providence Journal and the director of the play was so mad because he was a control freak and didnt want me to have credit for anything but how could I not have credit when I had written the damn thing and it's a real freak show about two psycho sisters who lived together and torture their boyfriends and it took me years to figure out what Act Two would be about but I finally have it here in my (taps head) noggin and some day I'm gonna let it bust out.

Anyway, he was escorted out of the building and didn't show up to the One Acts. He was a gay man, and it appears that the assistant principal discovered him emailing his boyfriend. I guess contacting outside people is against school policy and if that's the case I think it's pretty stupid because fuck that you can't tell me that other teachers with so-called normal hetero relationships aren't emailing their significant others and writing home to mother and talking to friends, at least every now and then.

Well, I thought that was just awful and honestly would have said something, but it appears that the assistant principal checked the email and discovered that the teacher was forwarding pornography he had downloaded to his boyfriend.

Now THAT'S a different story.

Okay, regardless of the fact that the assistant homophobic principal had NO RIGHT to go checking someone's personal email the fact is that shit he did, and he found what he found and call me old fashioned, call me Ishmael, call out the entire ACLU if you really have to, but nobody aint nobody should be doing that shit at my daughter's school, especially one of her teachers and if it's true it was just stupid and idiotic on his part and betrays an impulsive and immature nature on his part that has no place there. And don't get me wrong, I'm not against pornography, in fact, I damn straight enjoy it, but there's a time and a place and you better damn well control that time and place and that time and place aint during the work day.

Unless you're a porno star which of course I am.

(Tape ends here)
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