Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

The Great Darkness, day two

The day after the storm, still without electricity.

Word is that it will take at least a week to get any power. Corb and I figure that's because the electric company wants to wait for all the trees to be cleared first, before they start fixing the power lines.

Looking on Facebook, I find it amazing that people are complaining so bitterly about having no electricity. Don't they realize that this was a hurricane that swept across most of the East Coast? It's not just THEIR area that was impacted, but many, many areas across the region. And what areas do they think the electric company will focus on first: major cities (like Boston) and important centers where the attention is really needed.

I think the folks at National Grid must be working their asses off.

On the other hand, Josie didn't lose power, and her town, North Eldredge, is in good shape. They have their own private electric company, though. Maybe there's an advantage to not having everything so big and nationalized. See my comments on Borders and the demise on mega-stores--I am fast becoming a big advocate that smaller and local is in many cases better and more efficient.

During work, I call Josie to let her know where things stand. We agree the kids should stay with her through this: they'd get really bored really quickly at my place.

Still, they are quite curious about what our place looks like, and angry that we won't take them to see it. Ashes thinks she should be able to sleep over, even though I keep telling her how boring it is.

"I could read in my room," she says.

"We only have one big flashlight," I say.

"I could read by candlelight."

"I've seen the way you keep your bed, hun," I say. "That would be way too dangerous."

Even so, Corb and I decide to take them out for dinner that night and then go to the apartment.

We arrive at the place at around 9:00. Five minutes in, Ashes realizes how eerie the place is.

"I told you you wouldn't want to stay here," I laugh.

She nods. "You're right."

We spend the next hour telling ghost stories. Topic of discussion centers around whether you can invite spirits in by talking about them, like the old man who used to live in our old apartment.

Drop kids off, in to bed by ten. Have great sex before bed. There's one benefit to having no other forms of entertainment must make your own.
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