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Snapshots from Green Victoria

My kids are cracking me up tonight. When I picked them up this evening, they were hating each other to pieces. The minute Ashes entered the room, Theo tried to trip her, then they spent ten minutes in the car screaming at each other about who was going to sit in the front next to me, and then they spent another five calling each other Fatty McDung Fat and No Friends McGee.

Three hours later, and they're the best of friends, sitting on the couch and watching episodes of "The Glee Project." They're chatting away, having a great time.

Gotta admit, I like them better this way, than that.


Corb's been having mom issues lately. Money things, and some of it his own doing, but I have to admit, it does make me appreciate the parents I have.

For example, today she texted me because Corb's phone isn't working, and asked me to tell Corb that his Uncle Bob had passed away, and he would need to travel with her and his brother Scott to New Hamster on Saturday to attend the funeral.

Corb's first response when I told him was "Who's Uncle Bob?"

Now, the thing is, I wouldn't normally mind, but Ashes' 18th birthday party is this Saturday, and I know that Corb will end up showing up at the part around six at the earliest if he goes. And the only reason that his mother wants him to go is that she doesn't want to drive with Scott all alone for two hours. By the way, Corb doesn't really want to go either.

When Corb wrote to her to decline, she replied that he met Uncle Bob at the last funeral in New Hampshire that he went to, and that it's mandatory that he attend the funeral. And, if he takes a separate car, he can easily get to Ashes' birthday on time. Oh and also, she doesn't feel that she was ever officially invited to the birthday party.

Say what? What does her invitation have to do with this? And also, this is the woman who spent a half an hour yelling at him about money just the night before. Now she wants him to spend a ton of money on gas to drive two hours to New Hampshire and then back? It just doesn't make any sense at all.

I much more appreciate the easygoing laissez-faire attitude of my parents. And it seems to me that both Josie and Corb have appreciated it, too. My parents are just...easier, that's all. Easy is good.


What I'm reading: More Mark Twain. Just finished the short story, "What Stumped the Bluejays." With this great quote: A jay hasn't got any more principle than a Congressman. A jay will lie, a jay will steal, a jay will deceive, a jay will betray, and four times out of five a jay will go back on his solemnest promise. The sacredness of an obligation is a thing which you can't cram into no bluejay's head."

Today's Avengers: "The Master Minds." Emma Peel in silhouette!   
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