Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Did all my questions
Lead me to this point in time?
Point me towards these answers?

Should I acknowledge these truths
And in so doing, accept the bounty heaped upon this plate
Rather than focusing on
The cracks in the china,
The missing ingredients,
The guests that did not arrive?

No, look instead on the feast at hand
Savour the aromas
The mixtures, the combinations,
The spices and the bittersweet taste of creation

Rejoice in that which anchors
Yet frees you at the same time
Plot your destination using this firm magnetic north

This is your compass.

Magnetic norths are there for exactly that purpose.

Use the days that have come before
as a starting point for the days ahead
And move forward freely, unencumbered,
Solid in your footing

Feed off this feast within your soul.

It offers you a touchstone
Through which all paths are


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