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Run One.

First day of Couch to 5K complete.

Corb and I walk/run in the park and count two gay dog walkers. The weather is cloudy and overcast, and kind of chilly. Weird weather for this time of year, but for a day to start running, I'll gladly take it.

It's an easy combination of eight one minute runs interspersed with ninety second periods of walking. Easily attainable, really, didn't stress me out much at all.

Corb comment at end of the thirty minute session: "I feel moist."

Now, quick shower, some ham steak and veggies, and 30 Rock, if I can get over my irritation with Tracy Morgan. Time to get back to our life routine.

And writing? Maybe I'll start small. Have a story I should compose for the Write On Project, bubbling in my head.

Ending day feeling accomplished. 90 percent done with a big old work project that has a deadline of tomorrow. Completed a presentation I'll be delivering tomorrow, too.

Hey, maybe I'll actually go to bed early, for the first time in months.




Won't count on it, though.
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