Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Next lap.

"So this is what it's like not to have a play to focus on...what a strange feeling," I said to Corb, as we started our third lap around the pond.

"Yes, this is what it's like," agreed Corb.

"Time enough to be able to watch Gray's Anatomy with Ashes."

"Time enough to watch the latest Doctor Who with Theo."
"Yeah, can't wait for that."

"Time enough to actually think about doing work for...well, work...later tonight."

Corb shrugged. "If you have to." He pushed me to one side. "Watch out for the goose poop."

I grinned. "Time enough to obsess about why the cast didn't get me a gift, like they do every year."

"Would you stop that!" Corb said, repeating what he had said at least five times in the past twenty-four hours. "You are so spoiled,. You got way more than that, you big baby. A great show, a fun made a ton of good friends."

I smiled to myself, amused that I had gotten a reaction. "Whatever."

"Time enough to actually start that Couch to 5K thing we've been talking about?" he said, as we rounded a corner and approached a large gaggle of geese. "Because I'm getting really tired of putting that one off."

"We'll start it tomorrow, I promise!"

Corb narrowed his. "Sure we will."

"We will, we will! There's NOTHING going on tomorrow night, promise."

"For now. Something will come up."

Corb made a soft noise, indicating his skepticism, and we moved into our fourth lap.

New beginnings are a lot of fun. Looking forward to what the summer will bring. 

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