Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Blame it on the sushi.

SCENE: Yesterday at 6:30. Me, a blessed little bundle of enthusiasm.

"So, tonight's the night we start our Couch to 5K workout routine, right?"

"Sure thing!" I said to Corb.

"Good, good. I've got the app all downloaded into my iPhone, and it's really cool. So, we're really going to start it, right?"

"Of course. Why do you doubt me?"

At that moment, my Blackberry started to buzz. I glanced down. "Oh, that's hot Coco. She says she's a hungry hungry hippo and we'd better get over there for Sushi in, like, twenty minutes." I paused. "You want we should skip sushi for the Couch to 5K?"

Corb gave me a "how crazy can you get" look. "No, I do not want to skip sushi for the Couch to 5K. We can do it after."

CUT TO: Three hours later. Outside our apartment.

"Okay," I said. "So, we're going to go inside for just a few minutes." Irritably, a swatted into the air, at a noisy whirring gant buzzing around my ear. "Dammit! We said we were going to buy Off before we did this..."

Corb looked at me, serious as all get go. "That's not going to stop us from going on the walk!"

"I know, I know--"

"You're going to be in New York Thursday night as it is, so we can do it then!"

"I know, I know..." I  paused. "We're just going in for five minutes. Just so I can take care of some bidness. Then we're out, hitting the streets. Promise."

Corb shook his head, all to knowingly. "I promise!"

CUT TO: Twenty minutes later. Inside our apartment.

So, there you are. My first night of Couch to 5K ended up becoming 5K to Couch, instead. Blame it on the sushi...



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