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Odds and sods, chapter 1814

Leaning towers and repentance
From this week-end: Leaning towers and Repentance

With the first week-end of the play over, life can now go back to normal. Sitting at home, watching 30 Rock and The Avengers. Taking up running with Corb. Preparing our great road trip down the East Coast. Finishing that Twain autobiography. Getting back to actually writing about things, in a style that less resembles a haiku and more resembles a coherent story-line.

Well, almost. Tonight I've been invited for sushi with Hot Coco. The great party machine that has been Guys and Dolls rolls on, and I love it.

Oh, and at work, I'm computerless, which is really harshing my mellow. the hard drive crashed over the week-end. "Bad drive," I'm told. Bad drive...I need to get things done! I have no time for bad drives. Today I'm working at home, so I can at least have some computer access and get some projects moving.

What have I learned about this whole experience? Oh, so many things. Work with people you like being around, because it makes the entire process so much more enjoyable. Also, cast the right people in the right roles, and let them go to town. I am by nature a collaborative director, and the ongoing discussions I've had with my leads, with the ensemble, with the set crew, have really been a source of enjoyment and made the show better.

This is one show I won't look back on and say, "Ugh, not that." And I think a big thing I learned was that no matter what the end result, how you get there is just as important. At least, for me.

Thursday, back to New York for a day. Looking forward to that.

Oh, and did I mention, I'm profiled in a book that just came out by Writer's Digest? It's called "Writer with a Day Job," by Aine Greaney. The book came out the same week as the opening of the show, so I was too tied up to mention it. Anyway, it's a handy guide for writer's looking to hone their craft, and you get a section of me talking about my writing process and endless ruminations on my kids and ex-wife. I mean, what else would you expect?

Corb just woke up and, while heading to the bathroom to drain his wang, muttered "typey typey." True, but I have to admit, getting up in the morning and just typing for even a half an hour is a nice way to start the day. Time to get back in the habit.

Maybe next time I'll even write about something that has some substance to it. Who knows? 
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